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Classic Barefoot Bombshell: 40 Glamorous Photos of Mara Corday in the 1950s

Born 1930 as Marilyn Joan Watts in Santa Monica, California, American model, actress, Playboy Playmate and 1950s cult figure Mara Corday came to Hollywood while still in her teens and found work as a showgirl at the Earl Carroll Theatre on Sunset Boulevard. Her physical beauty brought jobs as a photographer's model that led to a bit part as a showgirl in the 1951 film Two Tickets to Broadway.

Corday is best known for her starring roles in such cult film classics as Tarantula (1955), The Black Scorpion and The Giant Claw (both 1957), as well as in a number of Western films such as Man Without a Star and Raw Edge. She also appeared as a pinup girl in numerous men's magazines during the 1950s and was the Playmate of the October 1958 issue of Playboy.

Here below is a glamorous photo collection that show the beauty of young Mara Corday in the 1950s.

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