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Забавные ретро-снимки с собаками.1890-1960.

Оригинал взят у visualhistory в Забавные ретро-снимки с собаками.1890-1960.

Замечательная ретро-подборка для тех, кто любит четвероногих друзей.

Charles Tumbridge едет по Лондону со своей собакой Susie в коляске. Getty Images, 1962:

Оригинал взят у marinni в Замечательные фото с собаками.1890-1960.

Dogs at the Hair Salon

1890: A woman and her dog pose for a portrait. (Getty Images)

1895: Dinner is served! (Getty Images)

1908: A pup vies with a young crocodile for its owner's attention. (Getty Images)

This picture is from 1913 and shows two men, one of whom served as mayor of NYC with a bulldog.

1917: The American medical staff's baseball team mascot, resplendent in a custom uniform. (Getty Images)

1925: A dapper dog tries to get past a security guard at the Metro Goldwyn Mayer studios. (Getty Images)

1926: Ralph Miller spars with 10-month-old "Battling Von," a member of the Melford Kennels AC of Los Angeles. (Getty Images)

1926: Mr. Barnard, a member of the London Aero Club, checks his canine co-pilot's goggles. (Getty Images)

1932: A four-legged nanny produces a milk bottle in an effort to stem a flood of tears from its charge. (Getty Images)

1934: Wally Kilminster and his pal enjoy a bubble bath in the dressing rooms at Wembley Stadium. (Getty Images)

1935: Evelyn Luff entices her entourage of St. Bernard dogs at Abbots Pass kennels in England. (Getty Images)

1954: A cyclist in Holland checks on her travel companion. (Getty Images)

1962: Charles Tumbridge rides his scooter through the streets of London, with dog Susie in the sidecar. (Getty Images)

--------------Собаки в парикмахерской---------

Dog Beauty Salon 1920 Los Angel

1955: Owner and dog settle in for a cut and blow-dry at a salon. (Getty Images)

Dogs at the Hair Salon

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Собаки, собачьи доспехи и повозки, все посты-ТУТ

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